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You're Enough: Painting by Sarah Troughton

You're Enough: Painting by Sarah Troughton

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**The following is written by the artist Sarah Troughton about her experience producing this beautiful piece of art.**

This piece was created when I hit an all-time low with my body image. I hated myself so much. I didn't look like the girls in the magazines or people on social media. I was having a meltdown every time I put on an outfit. In 2018 I decided I'd had enough, I wrote down all the negative feelings I had towards myself and my body. I burnt the letter and decided to look for the things I liked about myself. It took some time but day by day I reminded myself of the bigger picture in life. I had positive affirmations around the house, on my mirror and on my phone. Finally, I realized that I am enough just as I am, curves and all. This is a symbol of that change in direction, painted during this transformation into self-confidence and self-love.


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