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    Come join Sarah & Jess as we go live on Facebook.

    We have a spinning wheel where you can win lots of different prizes such as 50% off your total order for the night.

    We talk about different crystals energies and what they are used for. We support a range of different local small businesses and crafters and sell their products as well as our own hand-crafted items. Come join the fun and laughter and become apart of a community!

    Every Wednesday night at 7:00pmEST for some fun and laughs. Take part in live sales, actions and find out what we are up to. See you over there.

    Zendaily Facebook Page 

Welcome to Zendaily, the source for all of your gifting needs.

Zendaily was founded in 2021 by two friends who wanted to share a common passion and love for crystals & crafts with the world. Zendaily strives to provide high quality products using an ethical and moral business model with an emphasis on environmental responsibility. Zendaily has grown, for us it has become about supporting our community by supporting other small businesses and also providing people with holistic healing modalities as well as our gift shop tools to help you thrive on your journey.

Join the Zendaily Community and we aim to bring a little bit of Zen to your daily life!