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Hello! My name is Jess. I bought my first deck of tarot cards at the age of 11 which was the standard Rider Waite deck. Over the course of my life I have been teaching myself how to read tarot cards but have found that I vibe more with oracle cards. I find the free-flowing structure of oracle cards to be so helpful and I recommend that everyone has an oracle deck that they can draw from when they need some guidance.  

I have dealt with feelings of anxiety and depression for a lot of my life and using the oracle cards is a great way to get to know myself better and to help make sense of these intense emotions. Conducting readings for other people brings me so much joy in knowing that I can play a small part in providing that person with some comfort or guidance through our connection with Source.

While I am obviously a spiritual person, I also have a very logical side to me and I have a Bachelor degree in Psychological Science. This degree has a strong focus on statistics and interpreting and conducting research in the field of Psychology. This has left me with a unique mix of skills and attributes that I feel only strengthens my abilities as a Clairvoyant. While the logical and spiritual sides of me on the surface may seem like a contradiction, it is quite the opposite; one only strengthens the other. My studies in Psychology and how the human mind works have been improved by my empathy for others, and my ability to “just know” stands up to the scrutiny of my own analytical mind. There is only so many times that you can have knowledge about people that you haven’t met before you begin to accept that you have the gift of Clairvoyance. I have full faith in my abilities and I’m confident that after a reading with me you will feel the same way.  

An element of how I conduct my readings is through the use of Psychometry, which is reading the energies off physical objects. I prefer to hold onto an object that you own in order to really connect with your energies, preferable a piece of jewellery that you wear often. I have also conducted readings off objects like car keys. If you don’t have an object, that’s ok! We can conduct the reading without it but I find that this is the best way to get the most out of your reading.

I then use several different oracle decks to conduct the reading. You can have a free flowing reading and just see what comes up or you can ask specific questions. I make the promise to all of my clients that there is complete confidentiality, I will never repeat anything that comes up in your readings to anyone else, EVER, under any circumstances.  

I am so blessed that I am able to conduct readings for others and should you choose to have a reading with me, I very much appreciate your trust and support.  

Please message me in advance to book a reading if your interested to learn more. This way I can be sure I am well prepared and able to give you the best I possibly can out of out time together. Send us a message to book a time!


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Tumbles are a great way to carry the crystal energies wherever you go.


Tumbles are a great way to carry your crystals around with you wherever you go. You can put them in your pocket or even your bra to keep them close to your heart.

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