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Soul Discovery Saturday 20th of April

Invest in yourself. Discover your souls' purpose. What lights you up? What do you find yourself talking about when you talk to your friends? What lifestyle do you want for you and/or your family?Let's work together to find out what drives you and discover your passion and desires.What is going to make you jump out of bed? Who are you, after stripping back the layers of conditioning? What are you scared of?Are you willing to invest in a relationship with yourself?It’s time to find your “why” and uncover the layers holding you back from living your purpose!Discover your potential and unlock your true purpose in life.Welcome beautiful souls, I am super excited to be able to facilitate this event again. The last few have been such a success I had to create another one to share with you all. I have worked hard to bring together a few skills and some extra tools for your success. This event is packed with a strong vision for personal success. Designed to help you find your purpose and manifest your true potential. This can help you feel supported, inspired, and guided throughout your journey. Discover and strip away the layers holding you back from enjoying what life has to offer. We will be looking at your goals and discovering what your passions and dreams are, diving deep into what drives you towards this goal. We will work on shifting any limiting beliefs that may hold you back from taking that first step in living a fulfilling life. We will then be looking at what actions you can take to start making your dreams come true.

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Shamanic Drum Sound Healing

Love Healing Transformations - Eve Marie is facilitating a Shamanic Drum Sound Healing event at Zendaily , 613 Sturt Street, Ballarat .Benefits of Shamanic Drum Sound Healing are …Reduces stress.Improves your concentration.It encourages the body to desire a healthier lifestyle.Makes you feel happier.Opens up acceptance of self.Slows the aging process.It is beneficial to your cardiovascular health.Boosts your overall immune system.Induces a deeper self-awareness by prompting synchronous brain activity and promoting alpha waves.Helps to release negative feelings and emotional trauma.This event will be at 6 pm Friday 3rd and will go for approximately 1.5 hours. This event is a $30 cash donation.Due to this being limited in spots we will be sending out a message to confirm and secure your spot in the circle and any further details . Confirmation will need to be made before the event otherwise your spot will be filled.What to expect-A greeting, a white sage cleanse and guided meditation to ground and connect with the earths energies and ether. Then you will be taken on a journey with your intent , guides, guardians and ancestors with Eve Marie her sacred drum and chanting of the ancestors. Afterward a light refreshment and reflection with the tribe.About Eve-For over 13 years Eve has shared, held space and studied alternative ceremonial practices.Eves healing modalities include Lomi lomi Massage and Sacred Kahuna Transformational Bodywork, Cranial Sacral Bodywork, Sacred New Moon Sister Circles, Full Moon Brother and Sister Circles, Cacao Ceremonies, Energy Healing, Bush Flower Essences, Mental Health Counseling, Shamanic Studies, Sound Healing - Shamanic Drum and Quartz Crystal Bowls and Spiritual Midwifery.Eve is a Transformational Therapist and Bodyworker , a holder of space and energy. A light Worker, a Mother and Creatress.Eves ceremonial practises are dedicated to LOVE and transformation . Guiding you home- to healing , grounding in your body, connecting to source and activating your instinctual self .We acknowledge the First Nations Peoples of this Country and their connection with land, sea, community and story. We offer our respect to the Wurrawarrung people-all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders past, present and emerging. Sovereignty has never been ceded. It always was and always will be, Aboriginal land. We work humbly and respectfully with the land as teacher and ally towards better listening and caring.www.lovehealingtransformations.comIt is an honour to facilitate such a blessing , we connect with self, source , pachamumma our Earth Mother and dive deep into the ancient knowledge - to remember who we truely are. I honour the light in you which honours the light in me. We are one.

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Magickal Spell Jar Workshop!

Want to learn how to make your own spell jar and learn easy and practical magick that you can implement into your daily life?

Come and join me at Zendaily for an interactive workshop where you can learn how to make your own unique spell jar and discover some tips and tricks from a spell crafters world.

I will be talking all things magick from herbal and crystalline energies, how to set intentions with your workings, and I will share little gems of information you can put into practice every day! - you'll also be able to choose your own spell jar to make on the day from four recipes provided (protection, self love, good vibes or abundance) OR make your own intuitive recipe!

Tickets can be purchased at the Zendaily store, or message me directly to secure your spot.

PLUS, as an added mother's day special, book a ticket and bring your mum along for 1/2 price!!

Tickets are $30 eachSee less

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