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Grief Crystal Kits

Grief Crystal Kits

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These beautiful grief crystal kits are a handy tool for someone suffering any form of grief be that the loss of a loved one, divorce or separation, health decline, miscarriage or infertility, an empty nest or any massive changes that may be overwhelming to deal with in the moment. 

We encourage you to hold onto these crystals for some energetic support, perhaps to meditate and feel the discomfort in a safe supported environment. Keep in mind everyone feels grief differently and that is ok.

Trust your intuition with how to use these crystals and use them as a guide in the healing process.

Self-care is the number one most important thing to consider for both the griever and the person giving support throughout the grieving process.

Remember this too shall pass and you are stronger than you might feel at this moment. It's ok to be overwhelmed. Feel the pain and ask for support. 


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Tumbles are a great way to carry the crystal energies wherever you go.


Tumbles are a great way to carry your crystals around with you wherever you go. You can put them in your pocket or even your bra to keep them close to your heart.

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