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Abalone Shell & White Sage

Abalone Shell & White Sage

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White sage is the most commonly used energetic cleanser and has been a staple in spiritual practices for thousands of years. With a pleasant aroma and easy to use, white sage is perfect for cleansing yourself and your space of any itchy energies you may have picked up. To use, simply pull a few leaves from your sage smudge stick and set alight in a heat and fireproof receptacle such as a small plate, bowl or abalone shell. Allow the sage to smoulder and spread smoke around your space, visualising any negative energies leaving as you do so. To pack a real punch, light the end of your sage smudge stick on fire then allow to smoulder.

PLEASE NOTE: If using an abalone shell to burn your sage in, please be aware that the bottom will heat up and only hold the shell from the sides to protect yourself from burns. 

To avoid potential heart attacks, please be aware of any smoke detectors in your space as sage will set them off. Not that we're speaking from experience or anything....


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Tumbles are a great way to carry the crystal energies wherever you go.


Tumbles are a great way to carry your crystals around with you wherever you go. You can put them in your pocket or even your bra to keep them close to your heart.

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