Soul Discovery!

What is going to make you jump out of bed? Who are you, after stripping back the layers of conditioning? What are you scared of?

Are you willing to invest in a relationship with yourself?


It’s time to find your “why” and work on uncovering the layers holding you back from living your purpose!

Love Healing Transformations by Eve Marie

Is offering Lomi Lomi /Kahuna Bodywork Traditional Sacred Hawaiian Massage. Crystal Bowl & Shamanic Drum Sound Healing, Bush Flower Essence, Aromatherapy, Wellbeing Guidance, Energy Healing, Moon Ceremonies, Breathwork to nurture, detoxify, restore energy, soothe & heal trauma.
I am a very content mother of 4 beautiful children that were all born at home in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Australia. I am a Healer, Priestess, Transformational Therapist and Bodyworker, a Yogi, a Runner and an avid vegetable gardener.I am a woman who lives with the seasons, flows with the moon, moves with energies and speaks with spirit. Being a facilitator to people’s healings and witnessing one’s ultimate spiritual growth, empowerment and personal success is where I flourish and am at my happiest.
I can hold space for you to go within and heal. (I work with women and hold sacred women’s circles under the dark moon. Spiritual midwifery – Pre Nataly, birth and Post Nataly. As woman of deep ancestral Shamanic roots I hold healing space in drum sound journeys and quartz crystal bowl healings. 
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Chaotic Aquarius Energy

Katie offers a range of services to nurture and honor your mind body and spirit.

Come and experience a deeply relaxing and restorative reiki session that incorporates the use of crystal therapy and sound frequency healing, book in for an intuitive reading and uncover profound insights into your journey ahead or immerse yourself in a spell craft session that aims to support you in your manifestation efforts.

Katie is an advanced reiki practitioner, psychic intuitive and spell craft specialist whose purpose is to support and empower others on their life’s journey, and to create a safe space where one can explore the many facets within knowing they are held, guided, and celebrated.

Each session is tailored specifically to your needs and is focused on creating outcomes that leave you feeling refreshed, restored, and inspired.

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